Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[cancer|personal] Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so close at hand

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so close at hand because they were. I woke up early and short-slept, thanks to delayed flights and missed connections coming home from Comic-Con. We went in for a morning of medical tests. The imaging is stressful enough for me in ordinary times, but given the horrors we're frankly expecting to find right now, it's far worse. (No information yet, as of this blogging moment.) Came home to a fair amount of chaos post-travel, and pretty much everyone around me strung out with stress and behaving accordingly.

It all ended well enough, and no harm done, but damn that was a hard day. Now I'm in the mental and emotional free fall between the tests themselves and learning the results. Which I will know by tomorrow, possibly sooner.

Meanwhile very busy today with another medical appointment (this one trivial), social connections with two different friends, and another basement party late this afternoon. Not to mention which the house is a vile mess and I'm a week behind on my mail.

Ah, life.

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