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[cancer] Stage I trials, the process begins

Despite this week's reprieve, Stage I trials are still much on my mind. The Regorafenib will fail, sometime in the next six to nine months, and we'll be back to where we thought we were earlier this week.

Yesterday, Dad, Lisa Costello, [info]mikigarrison and I had a long meeting on the subject. Today the four of us are going to see the Stage I trials coordinator at my home hospital. Tomorrow we are meeting with Janet Freeman-Daily to review the outcomes.

So, yeah. Not a problem for this month or a next. But definitely a problem for later this year or sometime next year.

And wow is this a complicated subject.

When I have more time than I do right now, I'll try to spell out some of what we've learned and some of what we're thinking. Suffice to say that for now, we've laid out a preliminary roadmap for me. We'll be filling in the blanks as we go along.

I could not possibly do this without the incredible support from Lisa, Dad, Miki, Janet and many other folks. It's like shooting Class IV rapids on a surfboard.

Thank you all. I love you all.

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