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Jay Lake

[travel] Glow worm caves and on to Auckland, day thirteen

Yesterday we went to Waitomo, where we toured Ruakuri Caves as well as the glowworm caves. Also made last night's dinner at Galbraith's in Auckland. In attendance were our party of five, plus local friends and fans @rowdy_possum, Jef Ratne, Soon Lee, Alan Parker and award winning writer, discorobot, a/k/a Grant Stone.

Unfortunately, I continue to be pretty dreadfully ill. The fact that almost no bathrooms or bedrooms are heated in this country doesn't help this at all. It's a New Zealand architectural tic that is very, very hard on someone with respiratory problems. (It's not just a cost thing. In Rotorua, where the heat was literally free to operate due to being drawn off geothermal steam, our hotel bedrooms and bathroom were unheated.) Not to mention which our Auckland hotel room is an utter disaster. It's damp and in the 30s outside, and the window in the already unheated bathroom is stuck open. Our bed partially collapsed last night as we were going to sleep. Et cetera.

I really do love New Zealand, but damn am I going to be glad to go back to a place where spending 2+ hours a day sitting on the toilet doesn't mean chattering teeth and a worsening cold.

We fly home this evening. I think I'm going to sleep for a week. In a warm bedroom.

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