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[travel] The New Zealand trip: our routes there and back again

This is the beginning of a series of recap posts from our recent trip to New Zealand. Most of the posts will be photo heavy, or even exclusively photographs, but I thought it would be fun to start with some maps.

First, we flew to New Zealand. This was a lot more complicated than planned, and involved an accidental trip to Australia. I'll post a full account of that process later on, but for now, have a map.


Then we drove around New Zealand on a road trip organized by [info]khaybee. Note, the map is humongous.

New Zealand Road Trip_annotated

And a map key for those notes:


Then we flew home again. That went much better, other than my nasty cold.


So much to tell, so many pictures to show. I'll be blogging this over the next few weeks, along with lots and lots of photos.

Images taken from Google Maps and hand-modified.
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