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Misc. Updatery vs. Mechagodzilla

Home. Sick. The Child is very sick, so we're both going to the doctor this morning. Trying to get some work done, as I have too big a workload to spend a couple of days in bed this week, but as it turns out, something like a dozen people at the office have this too -- looks like I picked a heck of a week to go to Omaha.

Too muddle-headed to write today, and my throat is really killing me. I did finish reading George R.R. Martin's A Feast For CrowsClarkesworld Books | Amazon ] last night. Continued oddities of time scale, as previously complained, though he's internally consistent. I did reread the first three so this one would make more sense to me, and I note around the third volume he started throwing off a few lines on the order of "8,000 years unless you accept Maester So-and-so's dating, in which case it's 3,000 years." Also continued comments on breast size, which I'd never noticed until aimeempayne pointed it out.

That being said, I greatly enjoyed the book. I was more than a little vexed that about half the characters had gone missing, though he did address that in his afterword. I was also impressed by the continued transition in the arc of certain characters, notably the Hound and Jaime Lannister. Brienne's fate nearly made me throw the book across the room, though Martin left himself a loophole in that chapter if he wants to use it in the next installment.

What I really like about this series is that it's more like reading The Guns of August or something by Michener than it is like reading a classic post-Tolkein high fantasy. This is history, of an imaginary place, rather than fantasy per se.
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