Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Time keeps on slipping into the cracks

Doctor saw the Child 95 minutes after our scheduled appointment. Apparently they've launched a new patient management system as of this week, and it's balky. Child entered manic phase during consultation, flew around exam room and furniture much like a howler monkey in a cage, including standing up in a window casing with her head in the suspended ceiling.

Went to the post office to pick up my mail which accumulated during my Omaha trip. New gal working window doesn't know me, and there were 8 or 10 people in line with armloads of packages. Had to leave.

Went to the pharmacy to pick up the Child's prescription. Neither of the forms the doctor recommended (chewable or liquid) were available, the pills are horse pills the Child will have a lot of trouble choking down. Will have to come back tomorrow to pick up liquid scrip.

There went 2-1/2 hours of my day, with very little accomplished. And I'm still sicker than hell. (The doctor wound up examining *me* while she was talking to the Child.)
Tags: child, personal

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