Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Digging out from under Worldcon

Yesterday we laid low, mostly. A high school friend whom I have not seen since the late 1980s came to visit with her partner, so that was a nice lunch at Pacific Pie Company then an afternoon's conversation. Otherwise it was peace and quiet around Nuevo Rancho Lake.

Today I have a medical appointment, lunch with Dad, and another visiting friend this afternoon. Over the next few days I'll be digging out from under the accumulated paper and electronic correspondence, including another series of financial and legal issues connected to the ongoing estate planning efforts. Hopefully in the next day or two regular blogging will resume, and I can continue posting the New Zealand photo sets, plus the San Diego Comic Con photo sets.

Do good, be well.

Tags: cancer, family, friends, health, new zealand, personal, radiantlisa

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