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[photos|travel] Dahomey, 1968

When I was a small child, we lived in the former French West African colony of Dahomey. (The country is now known as Benin.) My earliest memories in life are from those days. Apropos of various recent conversations within the family, Dad has sent me a few photos from those days. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing a slice of life for Americans living in Africa in 1968.

AF-147 Dahomey Fording the Stream 1968
The family car on a Dahomean road

AF-148 Dahomey Bridge built while waiting1968
This bridge which had been under repair was rebuilt for us while we waited

68 VW Repair  Pendjari River Upper Volta-Dahomey - Boukina Faso Benin border Near Niger River A1-062
68 VW Repair at Pendjari River Upper Volta-Dahomey (now Boukina Faso-Benin) border near Niger River

68 1 Dahomey Guest House Far North A1 60-001
Guest house in the far north of the country

Photos © 1968, 2013 Joseph E. Lake, Sr. Reproduced with permission, all rights reserved.

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