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[politics] In which a presumed conservative attempts to school me on Obamacare

A couple of days ago, a gentleman on Twitter of presumably conservative disposition decided to school me on my liberal misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act. It started when I made the following tweet, mocking someone whose unfortunate personal issues are expressing themselves painfully through a political lens.

measured discourse tweet

This was about the same time I had made my post entitled "The government shutdown and the ACA and me" [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ], which may influenced this gentleman's response. He dug out an old tweet of mine from January and responded thusly:

Obamacare tweets

With a follow up mocking my own supposed irrationality:

response to measured discourse

My response was:

spending cap reply

The thing is, @AndyHDavis was and is flatly wrong on the plain face of the facts. The ACA did help me, effective about two years ago. He's confusing the current healthcare exchange implementation process with the act as a whole.

Me, I'm wrong a lot too. Somedays I'm wrong about damned near everything. But if you're going to argue politics with me, don't get your talking points from FOX News. FOX News viewers are consistently the most misinformed segment of the public on damned near any topic you care to name. Most especially including Obamacare. Which is what happens when you privilege ideology over facts and data, as the entire Republican political, media and social establishment has been doing for the past two decades.

What I would say to @AndyHDavis as a followup, if I thought it would do any good at all to engage, is this:
"You were flatly wrong about the ACA and spending caps. Are you open to the possibility that you're wrong about other aspects of the ACA?"

More generally, if you're going to school me for being a stupid liberal moonbat, use actual facts from the real world, not noise from inside the conservative epistemological bubble.

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