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The unlightable beanness of bears

So I'm up on the back porch doing laundry, and I reach up to turn on the dryer (it's a stack unit) and the control knob for the 'Start' button flies off at the touch of my finger. Being a descendant of tiny prey-item primates, and having both binocular vision and decent reflexes, I track the knob (white plastic, about 2" in diameter) as it shoots diagonally across the line of my body, bounces into the Child's shoe bin, and, well...vanishes.

While I'm looking at it.

Bend down.
Move shoe bin.
Look behind shoe bin.
Look under shoe bin.
Look into narrow crack between dryer and wall.
Empty shoe bin.
Insert fingers in each one of those damned shoes.
Turn over throw rug.
Look around in despair.
Go find pliers and start dryer.

I swear to Ghu, that little white knob is off partying with the red lectroids in the 8th dimension. It's just gone. Vanished before my very eyes.

Middle age is a bitch.
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