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[photos] The world's ugliest roadside attraction

While visiting Klamath Falls last weekend, we found this gem, around milepost 234 of US-97. I know the milepost because as we went whizzing by the first time, Lisa Costello told me to note that number so we could find it again. I pointed out that this giant, malformed cow was the only thing besides pine forest for twenty miles along that stretch of highway, and we probably wouldn't have any trouble finding it again.

We didn't.

The locals tell us there used to be a small private theme park there with dinosaur statues. The location is now a truck parts supplier, and the other dinosaurs are behind a locked fence, but this bad boy keeps guarding the road in the years of his sad decline.

And yes, I know he's not a dinosaur, he's a mammal. Maybe a Paraceratherium or something, though the Holstein cow paint job distracts me.

At any rate, enjoy.

Here he is, in all his faded glory

Note Lisa Costello for scale


The reverse angle

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

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