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[personal] Ask me anything

Yesterday was kind of busy, what with the broken bed (not for fun reasons, sadly), the entertaining but lengthy visit to the lumberyard, the minor crisis over life insurance, the school visit, and actually socializing with our visiting friend Ellen Eades. That meant I never had time to write a solid blog post for today. Likewise this morning, with early lab work at the clinic and a bunch of errands.

I will, however, have time this afternoon. So this is an 'Ask Me Anything' thread. Post your questions in comments, and I'll reply. If the question (or the reply) is particularly interesting, I'll probably promote them to a blog post later on. Writing, publishing, cancer, death, parenting, politics, etc. — give it a shot. The only thing I won't respond to is blatant trolling.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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