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The Courtroom of Teaching — A bit more on kindness.

Genes predispose some people to focus on the negative — Interesting. Explains some people I know. (Via David Goldman.)

European origins laid bare by DNADNA from ancient skeletons has revealed how a complex patchwork of prehistoric migrations fashioned the modern European gene pool.

The Science May Be Settled, But the Economics Isn’t — An interesting take on climate change. I have issues with this, for example, is the drowning of Miami an acceptable cost?, but still interesting.

Not All Like That: Jay Bakker, Bishop Gene Robinson, Mel White, Ray Boltz And More! — NALT is an interesting project, an attempt by moderate and liberal Christians to counter the overwhelming media and culture dominance of hate-fueled conservative Christianists, This kind of thing is good for me, because I've reached the point in my life where my default assumptions about anyone who self-identifies as Christian are extremely unkind and almost surely inappropriate. Still, there are tens of millions of Bible believers who hate my gay friends with a passion, are working very hard to deeply miseducate everyone's children, and campaign relentlessly to punish women and the poor. None of that reflects the values of the Bibles on my bookshelves, but smug, hateful Republican Jesus surely is the public face of American Christianity today. It can be very hard for me to see Christians in any other light. NALT is speaking to people like me, to keep me from surrendering to prejudice. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Can we stop calling them "conservatives"?The modern "conservative" movement isn't conservative except in the sense that it desires to protect white male Christian privilege. As a matter of tactics and public policy, it's a radical revolutionary movement.

In 'Dallas 1963,' A City Of Rage, Seized By 'Civic Hysteria' — As Steve Buchheit says, Just in case you think that the current insanity among conservatives is a new phenomenon. (Via, oddly enough, Steve Buchheit.)

Trucker protest hits Beltway but causes no major delays, authorities say — Weren't these guys supposed to have a million people supporting them or something? What is it about right wing true believers that leads them to think all of America is just itching for a chance to rise up in their defense?

Lindsey Graham: No Debt Deal Without House GOP Support — Further evidence that this whole shutdown is in a very real sense about allowing John Boehner to keep his job as Speaker of the House. Hey, John, how many more millions have to suffer for your ego?

A strange gameThe GOP has become what it has long claimed of Democrats: un-American bullies who don’t like our system of government, and don’t particularly care for most of our people either. Except for Sarah Palin's "real Americans", of course. The GOP loves them. Too bad for the rest of us.

Sarah Palin joins Ted Cruz as new face of shutdownInterestingly, Palin, Cruz and the Tea Partyers are holding no such protests to fight the shutdown of clinical trials for cancer patients, or the cut-off of death benefits for family members of US troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan during the GOP shutdown. Then again, this was never about real people for the GOP. The Dunning-Kruger party is on the rise!

?otD: Have you built a little birdhouse in your soul?

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