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[links] Link salad gets a shiver in the dark

Akira Kurosawa — Ever watched The Hidden Fortress imdb  ]? To my eyes, Star Warsimdb ], as much fun as it is, is only a pallid remake of the Japanese original. (Via Cora Buhlert, who has a lot to say about all this.)

Mapping the mutations of twelve major cancer types

Breaking Through Cancer’s Shield The recent discovery that cancers can evade the immune system by wrapping themselves in a protective shield offered a bonus: a way to try to thwart the disease. (Via David Goldman.)

50 States, 50 Pizzas — Mmm. (Via [info]garyomaha.)

Life Reclaims Mount St. Helens — Some nifty satellite photography of Portland's neighbor to the north.

Amazing Secret Dungeon discovered under my new apartment… — Some people have all the luck! (Via Lisa Costello.)

Scout leaders jubilantly knock over 170m-year-old rock formation in UtahOutrage after triumphant video of destruction by Boy Scouts of America leaders in Goblin Valley state park goes on YouTube. Ah, doubtless some of Sarah Palin's "real Americans". Fricking yahoos. (Thanks to [info]threeoutside.)

60 Minutes' shameful attack on the disabled — Your Liberal Media, enabling the conservative narrative in a completely fact-free manner since forever.

New Jersey becomes 14th gay marriage state — The bigotry dominoes slowly fall. There simply is no principled stance against gay marriage. Only bigotry clothed in self-valorizing claims of religious morality.

Tea Party Group Leader: File 'Class Action Lawsuit' Against Homosexuality — The stupid, it burns. Oh, wait, that's just the Tea Party talking on FOX News. As you were, business as usual.

Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News — Amazingly enough, Your Liberal Media is not contributing fully to the liberal hoax that is climate change. Rush Limbaugh and the Republican party are helping keep conservative ideology safe from those liberal "facts" and "data"!

The Truthiness of Rand Paul"I never, ever cheated. I don't condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important." When Republicans can't win an election on the merits (and they can't anymore, outside of safely gerrymandered districts and deep red states full of low information voters) this is how they campaign.

The Tea Party, by the NumbersTwo-thirds of regular Republicans believe the federal budget deficit has grown this year and 93 percent of Tea Party Republicans agree. Both are wrong; the budget deficit is projected to fall this year from $1.1 trillion to $642 billion. Speaking of low information voters. Conservatives, as always, are wrong on the plain face of the facts. As always, if ever confronted with the evidence, they will blame liberal bias and cling to their cherished beliefs. That something they believe may not be true has zero impact on conservative political discourse or the manufacturing of angry white men.

Inside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare — Individual conservatives who went on national television (FOX, of course) to share their outrage over Obamacare's punitive provisions turn out to either be knowingly lying, or never to have checked the reality of the situation at all. Gee, what a shock. The truth has no impact on their political convictions.

Conservatives, Get a Grip on Reality!Obviously, not every Republican or conservative thought, up until the end, that Romney would win or that the anti-Obamacare strategies would work. But this increasingly widespread tone deafness should concern party leaders, particularly when it leads to self-destructive decisions, as we are witnessing these days. In politics, it isn’t uncommon to see judgment clouded by emotion, but when hate and contempt predominate, truly awful decisions often result. That's what you get when your primary electoral strategy is manufacturing angry white men. Also, this story could have done without the stupid false equivalency obviously thrown in to deflect criticism that by reporting on the documented reality of the Republican party, this reporter is being a liberal partisan.

Scenes from a broken Republican PartyThe fact that repealing the 17th Amendment is an unpopular crackpot idea is, then, a feature, not a bug — because the more nutty the idea, the harder it is for regular conservatives to adopt it. Although Dewhurst, having lost to Cruz, seems to have figured out how to play the game. Now, apply that story and its logic to the crackpot idea of shutting down the government until the Democrats surrender the Affordable Care Act, and I think you can see what’s going on.

Cruz put GOP in position to be brokenOver the last several days, I've seen some Republicans complaining that President Barack Obama and the Democrats were trying to break them. Their anger is misplaced. They should be angry at Ted Cruz for putting Republicans in a position to be broken. Has there been a point anywhere in the past thirty years where the GOP hasn't sought to break and decimate the Democratic party? Doesn't feel so good to be beaten with your own stick, does it, conservative America?

World War GOPAmerica deserves a far better conservative party than this mewling insanity. […] Unless Republicans shed themselves, and soon, of the uncompromising fanatics and the raging extremists and the yellow-eyed religious zealots and the seditious confederates and the tri-corner hat wearing conspiracy nuts, they will drive both themselves and the rest of us to ruin. Jim Wright rants magnificently as ever about the recent behavior of the GOP. As usual, with citations quoting America's ruling lunatics in their own words.

?otD: Is it raining in the park?

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