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[links] Link salad has its back to the sunrise

The 500-year-long battle to make written irony easier to understandOne of our most well-known experts on irony lived a life that was a mess of ironies itself: he was a married, gay High Anglican who lunched with occultists; a leftist politician who revelled in frivolous society gossip; a patriot who spied for both MI5 and the KGB. As if. (Thanks to AH.)

Astrosociology: The Human Dimension of Outer Space

Quest for self-replicating RNA edges closer to life’s possible originRNA can't copy itself, but can copy over 200 bases of other RNAs.

Economics students aim to tear up free-market syllabusUndergraduates at Manchester University propose overhaul of orthodox teachings to embrace alternative theories (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Pat Robertson Tells Mother Who Can't Heal Son's Deafness She's Doing Something Wrong — And this is one big reason why I am an atheist. This smug mix of casual cruelty and profound stupidity in the name of Christ. You see it on display every day in conservative culture, media discourse, and politics, but this is a distilled example.

More Guns in U.S. homes, More Kids Getting ShotA new study shows that the number of children wounded or killed by gunshots has been climbing in recent years, and that states with high gun-ownership rates also tend to have lots of childhood firearm injuries. While such a conclusion may seem obvious, epidemiological research in this field has been lacking because of pressure from some members of Congress to limit federally funded gun research for the past two decades. But guns make us all safer! They’re so safe that Congressional Republicans have made sure there’s no need to study them at all. Now that’s an evidence-based position.

Marines shoot down Internet story on Obama’s alleged push for ‘girly hats’ — Wow, sexism, racism and flat-out lies all in one package. Must be a conservative talking point!

A Message To Conservatives From A Civil War Reenactor — Yeah, this. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

?otD: What direction are you facing?

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