Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Misc Updatery Meets the Moon-Men

Work today, parent meeting this afternoon with the Child's teacher. (She and I read more of "The Last Familiar Thing" last night.) I'm supposed to go to a bad Santa party at mollybike's house tonight, but I'm still feeling pretty weedy, so I'm afraid I'm going to give it a skip. I might try a late matinee of Narnia or Kong if I can get out, though.

Breakfast tomorrow morning with tillyjane and lillypond to discuss family matters (literally), then off to Albany, OR for a book signing at Walden Books from 1-3 pm with a couple of the 2005 WotF winners. Once back from Albany, I'm taking the Child to a Christmas party with bibliothec. Need all the energy I'm saving today for tomorrow!

Sunday is housecleaning, which will require a front-end loader, hip waders and dynamite, given the current state of my apartment. Then, weather and time permitting, off with the Child to help bibliothec shop for a new car.

And yes, I'll be squeezing in some writing time this weekend, though not sure how much.
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