Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Break dancing with the wind

Cleaning house today. Hurt my knee yesterday at the book signing (yes, we play rough here in Oregon), more about that later when time permits. We've got 40 60 mph+ wind gusts, freezing temperatures and sunny skies today, with freezing rain forecast for tonight. Joy. The wind blew open a window in the Child's toy room on the second floor, in the east gable of the house. "Blew open" as in tore the window off its hinges, tossed it into the room (shattering a large mirror) and turning the toy room into a subfreezing high speed wind tunnel. Like something out of a poltergeist movie, when I went upstairs to effect emergency repairs at the request of the Child's mother. (It was very difficult to open the door and even enter the room, fighting the air pressure inside.)

Freaky doo weather, and my knee is killing me. On the plus side, the Child and I had a good time at bibliothec's neighborhood Christmas party last night. On the minus side, bibliothec seems to be coming down with my recent ick.

Ah, winter.
Tags: child, personal

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