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[links] Link salad hangs out (briefly) in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Baltimore's 'arabbers' keep horse-cart vending alive — This is cool. (Via Lisa Costello.)

How the Rube Goldbergs of Credit Cards Fly First Class for Free — “Manufactured spending”? (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Can Genomics Blow Up the Clinical Trial? Genomic technology could accelerate patient trials of new cancer drugs that are targeted to a tumor’s individual molecular profile.

Oldest big cat fossil found in Tibet

Glorious Saturn. And You, Too.

Etsy’s Industrial Revolution

Police say bizarre British spy death likely accident

What If JFK Had Lived?

Poor countries want space programs more than rich ones doSpending on space exploration is booming—just not among traditional space powers.

The Re-Victimization of Homosexual Targets of the Nazi Regime

Rising seas threaten Florida’s future — A Miami Herald editorial. It’s less convenient to let your ideology blind you to reality when the reality is that your city will disappear under water during your lifetime. Though Rush Limbaugh and the GOP are free to hold their 2048 convention under the waves there.

Supertyphoons and Global Warming — Amazing, the liberals have even managed to create weather control as part of their climate change hoax.

?otD: Are you near the water today?

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