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[personal] Busy, busy

You know it's been a tough couple of weeks when a transcontinental flight followed by a 180-mile nighttime automobile drive seems like a relaxing day.

For example, on Monday I did the following, roughly in this order:
  • Oncology consult to discuss the new scan results

  • Bank deposit and pick up held packages on the way back from the clinic (yes, on Veteran's Day, thanks to ATMs and a friendly business that does my receiving)

  • Sort out birthday presents for the family party I am missing this coming weekend due to being out of town

  • Clear a substantial email backlog from Orycon weekend

  • Telephone meeting with financial planner

  • Multiple followup calls and emails from meeting

  • Review documents and email responses to estate planning attorney

  • Pack for return trip to Maryland to help Lisa Costello settle her parents' affairs there

  • Telephone meeting with disability attorney

  • Fill out additional forms for disability carrier

  • Followup call and email to disability carrier

  • Photo shoot for John Picacio art project

  • Therapist appointment

That's what my life is like these days. While I am sick and unfocused and on long term disability because I can no longer work. So, yeah.

On the plus side, our long drive last night was so we could spend part of the day in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, one of Lisa's favorite old haunts. A little time to relax before we jump into the logistics of dismantling her parents' lives here.

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