Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] Doing stuff, keeping busy

[info]the_child is off this evening with her aunt and cousin to visit her uncle and his fiancée in the DC area. Thanksgiving week will be relatively quiet hereabouts because of this, though we are apparently doing our damnedest to make up for it.

A very longtime friend of Lisa Costello's is visiting for the week. She arrived yesterday, and will be enjoying both our Thanksgiving dinners with us, Thursday and Saturday.

Tomorrow I have multiple appointments including therapy, lunch with [info]kenscholes and my dad to discuss funeral arrangements, and a visit to a funeral home to talk about cremation and various placement options for a memorial marker. So jolly.

[info]mikigarrison arrives Thursday, also to enjoy both our Thanksgiving dinners, and to spend the Friday between with me and Dad going over my clinical trials options in excruciating detail. Also jolly, but important in any attempts to postpone the funeral.

On the plus side, I knocked down more of my to-do list last week, such as getting the car titles transferred into Mother of the Child's name so they don't get caught up in probate. Yesterday, I went with [info]the_child, [info]mlerules and her cousin J— to hear Peter S. Beagle talk, and see The Last Unicornimdb ], that last through the good offices of a dear friend in California. The forthcoming Thanksgiving dinners promise to be pretty awesome. And week, unless medical necessity intervenes, I am going back to Omaha for one more visit with friends and former colleagues there.

So, yeah. Busy.
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