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Being the nice and accurate history of how I hurt my knee at a book signing

At the Heritage Mall in Albany, OR yesterday with David Goldman and Stephen Stanley for a WotF book signing at a B. Dalton. David and I went wandering through the mall prior to the signing looking for food. That mall has alternating brown and off white floor tiles. A sheet of waxed paper had fallen to the floor from one of those little mall vendor cart/booth things they often have in the middle of malls, and lay more-or-less color matched on the brown tile. My left foot hit the paper and just slid back, as if I had stepped on ice. I went down, driving my entire weight into my left kneecap. (This is roughly comparable to hitting one's kneecap dead-on with a hammer.) Luckily there was no twisting force involved, but I was on the floor for a couple of minutes because of the intense pain in my knee. I'm still limping like crazy today, and am experiencing considerable residual discomfort. I've been icing it this afternoon, though yesterday all I craved was heat despite advice from David, and later from bibliothec.

Told you it was mundane.
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