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An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2013-12-06 08:39
Subject: [personal] Another day in Omaha
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Tags:cancer, friends, health, omaha, personal
Yesterday was quite fine, but I overslept badly last night, in more than one sense of that phrase. I was asleep, or at least nominally unconscious, for nine hours. My sleep was very fitful, and plagued with odd dreams, mostly about unsuccessful attempts at travel insofar as I can recall.

Once again I woke up later than I hoped, and have wound up feeling rushed this morning. I have a tentative 10 am appointment at my hold workplace, and a firm 10:45 am leading to a group lunch. I'm planning to spend the afternoon with [info]garyomaha, then he and I will join some more friends for dinner.

How can I feel so busy when logically I am taking things easy? One of life's sweet mysteries. Meanwhile, efforts proceed apace on securing clinical trials, and various other life issues such as car repair, fixing my broken recliner, and dealing with the problems I've been yammering about of late. As for the personal generosity that has been shown to me this week, thank you so very much. You know who you are...

Off to the cold soon. It is currently zero degrees F outside here.

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Debbie N.
User: wild_irises
Date: 2013-12-06 15:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It doesn't sound like "taking things easy" from here. Your schedule often makes me feel tired, and I'm a healthy active person who overschedules myself on a regular basis.
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User: goulo
Date: 2013-12-06 18:05 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
You probably feel busy because, sick or healthy, you are still a crazy extreme socializing extrovert constantly meeting up with friends, family, fans, and random other people all the time... :)
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