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Such lusty lads these shepherds be

The Child asked me to go with her to The Shepherds' Play, an annual tradition at her school where the faculty perform something loosely based on the Second Shepherd's Play. Some shepherd comedy, some Nativity and adoration, some singing, including a song about how the shepherds are such lusty lads. Lots of use of the verb "to know" in the King Jamesian sense, too. Ahem. Her teacher was Gallus, one of the three shepherds (the other two were Huckle and Muckle).

On the way home we talked about the Baby Jesus, and how the three shepherds and the three wise men weren't the same three. She told me the wise men's gifts were a rose, a pair of slippers and a token box of pine scent.

In other news, we went shopping today at the Dollar Store so she could buy gifts for the family on her budget (her mother's idea, and a darned fine one). She picked out little thises and thats for everyone, but tonight while wrapping she couldn't find the item she'd picked for her grandfather, my dad. We eventually looked over the receipt and discovered it hadn't even been rung up. She's pretty disappointed, but I told her we'd go back to the store tomorrow and see if they still had the item (there were only two left today).

And sometime this past week, when I used the pronoun "they" to refer to a gender-indeterminate singular third person, I was corrected by the Child, who told me "they" had to be plural.

Ah, youth.
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