Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Went to the city, got to be on the teevee

Apparently I was on television and didn't even know it. Well, my book Rocket ScienceClarkesworld Books | Amazon ] was, at any rate.

Publisher Patrick Swenson of Fairwood Press writes:

Today I got a letter letting me know there'd been a television show review of Rocket Science. It was on the CBS affiliate WTVF in Nashville Tennesee, "Open Line" TV show on Dec 6th. They promoted and reviewed the book. Saralee Terry Woods (known as BookWoman/BookMan) said: "We appear regularly on the CBS TV station WTVF on the "Talk of the Town" program, their mid-day show. It is the top ranked daytime television program in Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama, covering not only the public, but numerous bookstores and the headquarters of Ingram Books..."

The only specific quote from the "Bookman/Bookwoman" segment from the show that she passed along was: "It's a talking machine and a flying
machine in post war Kansas in this brilliant fantasy novel."

I found both WTVF and BookWoman/BookMan on the Internet, and sure enough there's the book mentioned:


Kewl. Wish I had a segment tape.
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