Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

St. Cynic on the Dover ID decision

The rather excellent science blog St. Cynic talks about the American Family Association's response to the Dover ID decision by, in part, comparing ID with geocentrism -- a hilarious parallel which had never occurred to me.

No, it's not going to be appealed, but thanks for paying attention before spouting off. As far as this "stranglehold evolution has on our public schools", let's change that around just a bit. Let's talk about the "stranglehold" that heliocentricity has on our public schools. After all, we teach that heliocentricity is true and do not allow teachers to offer geocentricity as an alternative because some people think the Bible supports it. Why? Because heliocentricity is true.

One could make the same arguments for geocentricity as one makes for ID - there are legitimate scientists who argue that it is true (Gerardus Buow, the leading geocentrist, has a genuine degree in astronomy from Case Western Reserve). They even make all the same arguments about "Copernicanism" as IDers make about "Darwinism", that it fosters a dangerous "naturalism" that leads to "moral relativism" and the downfall of everything good in society. And there is just as much research to support geocentrism as there is to support ID - none.
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