Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

The operation was a success, the patient cried

Somewhat anticlimactic at the clinic. (This is a good thing.) I'm told I have water on the knee, and inflammation (duh), but probably not a bone infection, and the water on the knee isn't severe enough to require draining. I'm to be RICE this weekend -- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation -- and call in immediately if the pain or temperature increases, and call in next week if it continues to fail to heal. They recommended a neoprene sleeve (spendy, apparently), and sent me home with an elastic bandage wrap.

Upon coming home, I found a summons for Federal jury duty -- a petit jury being empanelled January 10th. Whee. (Actually, I find this kind of interesting, but the hassle factor may be nigh toxic, depending on how it goes.)

The Child and I are off shortly for dinner with my dad and step-mom, lillypond, her hubbie and the Niece, at lillypond's house. (My sister and I live a mile or two apart.)

Solsticial felicitations to you and yours, if my words don't reach you again this weekend.
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