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King Kong

Saw King Kong with bibliothec. I agree with Mr. Strahan's comments to the effect that it's a rather good movie which would have been a great one were it the better part of an hour shorter. We amused ourselves nitpicking.


The establishing shot of the movie crew crossing the rope bridge when they first come on to Skull Island has way too many people in...the ship's crew, who have not yet come ashore, are clearly visible.

Ann Darrow runs repeatedly through the jungle barefoot. As my sister lillypond says, she can't even walk through the backyard barefoot. And she never does get scratched up or bruised with all that Kong-fisted tilt-a-whirl action. (Ann, not my sister.)

The dories (lifeboats?) aboard the Venture have "SS Venture" painted on the prow, but the ship isn't registered out of an American port per the painting on the stern, so she wouldn't be an "SS" designation.

The army vehicles in New York City all have period New York state license plates, but US military vehicles have never had state registrations.

The night of the opening of Denham's Kong show is remarkably short from the time the theatre curtain goes up until the following dawn when Kong is atop the Empire State Building -- the action is continuous, but certainly insufficient to fill the time from 10 pm til the 8 am or so of a winter dawn in NYC.

What was up with those silly bugs?

Emerging from the rather traumatic taxi wreck, Jack isn't even scratched.

The crew racing through the dinosaur stampede was beyond improbable. It broke both of our suspensions of disbelief.

Movie was a lot of fun, and ignited quite a vertigo attack in me near the end, but most of the above stuff was silly and readily avoided. Anybody else catch any good nitpicks?
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