Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Why Hooterville Don't Have No Prom No More

(a discussion with Ken Scholes on IM of the Malaproposism Monday poll)

KS: Nervous as a Texas Virgin on Prom Night
JL: 12 year olds go to proms?
KS: that's funny.
KS: that's what Uncle Leroy called it, anyway.
JL: PROMote PROMiscuity -- why Hooterville don't have no prom no more
JL: "Why Hooterville Don't Have No Prom No More" would be a good title
KS: Yes it would!
KS: lights in the sky, empty beer cans floating in the water tower, and it falls to the three sole members of the Robert E. Howard Appreciation Society of Hooterville to save prom.
KS: Ninja Bob, Larry Sue and Jimmy the Dutch.
Tags: funny, writing

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