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Postage postage postage

davidlevine reminds us that postage rates are going up. Real Soon Now.

Did all you kiddies who submitted to Polyphony remember to put $0.39 on your SASE? Probably not, I didn't either on any of my recent lettermail submissions.

In that case, did all you kiddies put your own address on the return address corner of the envelope? So that, in effect, you're sending it to yourself? I always do that. Here's one reason why:

With the postage increase, your $0.37 envelope will be returned to sender. Guess who that is? If you put the Polyphony sub address on the upper left hand corner, it's us! Which means Your Faithful Editors either have to go buy a sheetload of $0.02 stamps and manually stamp each letter with supplemental postage (which doesn't sound too onerous til you realize this could be hundreds of envelopes), or we have to collect all the envelopes returned for insufficient postage, then apply the $0.02 stamps, and resend them.

Hey, swell! Extra trips to the post office, and out-of-pocket expense!!!

And that, kiddies, is one very good reason why your SASE should have your and only your address on the return as well as the addressee portion. That way your editors won't be forced to hate you with a petty passion.

Update: Hey, hey guys! I'm not pissed off! I actually find this kind of funny. Just making a point about submission practices, and why some fairly odd things, like markets requiring you use your own return address, are important. (FWIW, I write the market name and original submission date in the lower left hand corner of the envelope to keep myself informed in those few seconds between the time I pick up the envelope and the time I tear it open.)
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