Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Year-End Stats


26 new stories written (5 collaborations, 63,200 words)
4 novel synopses (15,300 words)
9 nonfiction written and sold (8 to IROSF with specficrider, plus my essay in Horror: Another Best 100, ca. 13,000 words total)
2 new (short) novels written (110,000 words)
1 novel-in-progress (ca. 10,000 words to date)
1 novel revision (ca. 5,000 new words)

Total new words: ca. 216,500 (not counting blogging or words revising)

Update: specficrider points out I've missed some thousands of words on an ongoing collaborative project which we've completed in distinct pieces (one portion was a sale to Realms of Fantasy) -- that would add a handful of new stories written and 10,000-20,000 words to my annual total.

Sales and Marketing

144 stories submitted (not counting novels, synopses, nonfiction or reprint submissions)
101 stories rejected
25 stories sold (7 collaborations, 112,000 words) [ I miscounted the Horror essay as a fiction sale in my earlier post ]
1 finished novel sold (Rocket Science, 55,000 words)
1 novel sold on proposal (Trial of Flowers, ca. 90,000 words to be finished by February)
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