Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Cheese for the weekend

Stopped by New Seasons whilst running errands today, picked up some new cheeses for breakfast/snack purposes over the weekend and into next week. Descriptions and more details later, but for now a quick summary.

Farmhouse Wensleydale -- the "Cheese, Gromit" cheese. Discussion of it here. It was apparently a 'lost' cheese until the popularity of Wallace and Gromit brought back demand.

Wensleydale in the Wrapper

Ekte Gjetost -- carmelized Norwegian goat whey cheese. Good for desserts and breakfast, and on toast. More here. It's certainly a strange looking cheese, more resembles a block of praline fudge than any normal cheese.

Ekte Gjetost

Potato Sage Bread -- from the New Season's artisan bakery. Just because.

Potato Sage Bread

And of course, to maintain my Philistinic credentials, I also stopped by Fred Meyer for two six packs of the One True Poptart -- frosted brown sugar and cinnamon. One poptart to rule them all...
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