Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

The $375 puddle

Got the Genre Car back. $375 worth of water damage to the engine. (Well, a little bit of that was two cracked vacuum hoses and the oil change I had them do.) When they opened the hood up and checked around, the air cleaner was full of water. The idle sensor-control had shorted out, which was the proximate cause of the engine failing, but several other sensors were soaked or immersed and in imminent danger of shorting out. Which would have driven the cost up above $1,000, primarily because those little suckers are expensive. Not to mention it being a miracle I hadn't gotten significant water into the combustion cycle. A good portion of my repair bill was labor hours to disassemble and clean the entire intake system and hand-dry a bunch of parts.

Moral of the story: don't drive into axle-deep puddles at 25 mph. I mean, I already knew that, and it was quite dark and I literally couldn't see the puddle (it looked like rainslick street to me). My $375 puddle.

In other news, michaeljasper got a conditional acceptance pending rewrite for a collaborative short piece. Don't suppose we'll get it together in time for that to be a 2005 acceptance, but it's still cool. I'll announce for sure when/if all is complete. Nice little lagniappe, though.
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