Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Cheesey notes

A minor cheese entry.

I ate the last of the Chimay Grand Cru and the Provvista Buttermilk Blue as cheese toast on various bits of leftover bread from Christmas. (See here if you missed the original Christmas cheese blog and are curious about the details.) As expected, the Chimay made a pretty righteous cheese toast. The Provvista toasted up about like any blue cheese does, sort of melting and lying there, though it tasted quite good. It was, of course, the Manchego which set my toaster oven on fire a few days ago. The 5-Year Gouda toasts up very badly, but is an excellent nibbling cheese, especially with fruit. I ate it with a banana, coz that's what I had, but I suspect it would be truly righteous with apples or pears.

Going to have some of the Ekte Gjetost with bibliothec tonight I think. (See here for more on that cheese.)

If I don't make it back online today (quite possibly so), Happy New Year to all.
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