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Had dinner with garyomaha and M last night. Saw Mandy the dog (sorry, no new pics, she was vibrating too much), went back to Guaca Maya where I ate waaaay too much. Dinner with the Omaha Beach Party tonight, assuming I am able to escape the office in a timely manner.

Dreamt last night that I was living in a small house with tillyjane and someone else, one of those dream extras you never quite catch the name or face of. The upper floor was a converted attic, reachable only by balancing on the back of the couch and hoisting oneself through the ceiling trap. Inexplicably we had stored the majority of our books up there. In the dream, jlassen called me up and told me that Night Shade Books wasn't going to publish Trial of Flowers unless I passed a test on current SF. He gave me a reading list, including China Mieville's little-known first book, apparently a treatise on the history of windows, as well as something about airport architecture, and a whole bunch of Australian writers. As I was grunting my way in and out of the attic, jlassen kept calling me back and adding to my list, then told me I had to take the test the next day. Bastard.

Been doing a little bit of reading with an eye toward the tulipmania book, but with my work schedule it's been terribly difficult to get to fiction. I'll be glad to be flying home tomorrow.

Also, tillyjane will be taking the Child to Tryon Creek State Park Natural Area tonight to participate in a guided walk to look at owl habitat, and presumably, owls. This should be cool for her.
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