Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Shrine of the Virgin Mary

Just southeast of Trujillo, NM, at the base of the escarpment. I approached this site with respect and care -- it was fascinating. I would have left a contribution, but there was no obvious place to do so.

It's difficult to see with the photo at this size, but the sign painted on the cliff reads "VIrGIN MAry-SHrINE"

The shrine consists of two buildings plus a structure apparently symbolizing a fishing net.
Update: Cora and hkneale inform me that the fishing net-like structure in the right hand picture is in fact a giant rosary. It's visible in the right hand photo at the top layer.

The buildings contain the offering areas, with notebooks where people have written memorials to their dead.

A few more photos at the flickr.
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