Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Ryan Dam (at the Great Falls of the Missouri)

Coz we like dams, we visited Rainbow Dam and Ryan Dam downstream from Great Falls, MT, as well as Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state. Ryan Dam, at the Great Falls of the Missouri, was interesting in that it was very classic dam architecture, with a nice, lush visitors' park on an island in the river. Large catfish were visible in the shallows below the dam, while the park itself was well-done, including an odd little building marked "Electric Stove Kitchen" -- apparently this was a necessity at one time. Like much of the Missouri in that part of Montana, the river is down in a gorge which is nearly invisible until you're very close to it -- from any distance away, the fields just go on to the horizon. Here and at Rainbow Dam just upstream we saw pelicans and cormorants, which surprised me a lot.

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