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WorldCon Report, such as it is

On the ground now in PDX, grabbing some free, robust, non-annoying wireless while awaiting my luggage...

WorldCon. What to say, what to say. My roast was cancelled, much to my regret. I was quite looking forward to it. Feel free to insult me here in comments if you must. I got dragged into a gameshow which I can only describe as full-contact improv, and had a great time with it. See Paul Cornell's blog for more on that. Ran away with the victory as well. The rest of my programming went as expected -- interesting people, most of them my friends, talking about interesting things.

On the career front, I met with casacorona on the outline to Stemwinder. With her input, I'm going to start drafting it around the end of September. Watch this space for more details. The Greetings From Lake Wu limited edition is even more gorgeous than one might think, and I pimped it mightily, though if I'd seen more of Frank I think we could have driven the pimpage harder. Also pimped the cover of Trial of Flowers, Polyphony 6 and various other projects. Laid on a few smaller deals, some of which will hopefully bear fruit. Got a chance to go to the Hugo Losers' party, which was impressively laid on by the 2007 WorldCon committee.

Had many interesting meetings, lunches and dinners, including some nifty conversation with Cory Doctorow and a friend of his, along with matociquala, truepenny and casacorona. I've also become, at least this year and possibly indefinitely, the Keeper of the Campbell Regalia. matociquala, Scalzi and I are going to make sure future winners are properly inducted into the majesty and might of their office.

Probably the high point for me was congratulating davidlevine on his Hugo. I'm not sure I've ever seen someone in a moment of auctorial satori before, but there he was, floating into the Hugo Losers' party on a cushion of blissed amazement. If you haven't done it yet, hit his lj and give him some mad props.

I'd try to list all the folks I saw, but I'd only embarass myself by leaving too many out, but I want to mention especially klingonguy who (along with the delightful valverdi) on several different occasions throughout the weekend distinguished himself with acts of friendship and support going beyond the pale. Amid the delight of all the familiar faces, I had a lot of fun talking with people new to me IRL, such as gigica and Jetse de Vries. (As for Jetse, imagine a Sean Connery biopic with Robbie Coltrane/Hagrid in the starring role, with a Dutch dialog coach whispering in his ear. That man virtually defies description, but he's an amazing dude.)

If you saw me at WorldCon, even if I didn't twig to your lj handle, drop me a note here. Maybe I can approach a definitive list that way.

Meanwhile, I'm considering starting a zine edited by my hair, with an advice column by the_child.
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