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Minireview -- Paragaea by Chris Roberson - Lakeshore
An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2006-09-05 19:11
Subject: Minireview -- Paragaea by Chris Roberson
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Tags:books, klog
Paragaea by Chris Roberson (Pyr, 2006) [ Clarkesworld | Amazon ] is billed as a planetary romance, and definitely lives up to its roots. This is an unabashed, wall-eyed pulp romp through a goodly percentage of the tropes which underpin our genre. Roberson's basic conceit is almost silly, but is pulled off so deftly as not to matter. I wish he'd amped up the Marxist thought a little more as female cosmonaut Leena wanders through a picaresque world filled with showpiece locations, races and battle scenes. Still, like almost all modern pulp efforts, there's also a certain sly self-referentialism which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This book can be read literally, as another piece of the pulp revival which is currently spluttering along, or it can be read metaphorically, as a loving tribute to the history of our field. Works either way, and Roberson carries it off with a verve I can only admire.
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