Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Catching the wave in Crescent City

deborahlive and I are in a coffee house in Crescent City, catching some online time before the seven hour trek through the redwood groves of the Smith River, over the Siskiyous and up the Willamette Valley. (Though it's a gorgeous, nay, stunning, drive.) North Coast Redwoods Writers' Conference has been a neat little conference, and I've been very well cared for by my conference throwers and throwees. Off to Omaha first thing in the morning, so expect continued light blogging with scattered bons mots.

However, one thing came up this weekend that I thought worth the more-or-less immediate effort of sharing. I was talking about the need to write another book, this in the context of newer (and some established) writers having the tendency to work endlessly on their novel. If polishing one's novel is satisfying, rock on. If getting published is the goal, consider that Stephen King has more than one book on the shelf. As does Nora Roberts. And pretty much any other writer you can name. Off hand, I can only name one writer who made a career out of a single book, and that's Harper Lee.

In other words, finish your novel and write another, people. You'll only get better. Besides, the publishing world doesn't want one perfect novel from you, and it wants a career arc.

That's all the wisdom I have to dispense this morning.
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