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In my hotel in Omaha. As is customary, I have something to kvetch about the travel system, but this one's reaching pretty far, I have to admit. The luggage carts at Eppley Field in Omaha have flat beds, without the slightly reversed angle commonly found on such appurtenances. They also lack a front stop. This means when one navigates a full-laden luggage cart through the curb cut at the crosswalks to reach the rental car counter, it's always a case of luggage roulette to see which bag will tumble forward onto the pavement. If one is really lucky, one's computer bag can do this.

In other news, Hertz rented me a car I'd never heard of -- a 2006 Hyundai Azera. It appears to be a badge-engineered version (or knock-off) of about a 2003 Honda Accord, but is a perfectly acceptable rental sedan.

More later once I unpack my hideously overburdened luggage and sort myself out.

Newsflash: lillypond reports the AWOL chef jacket is in her hall closet. I'm still jacketless for WFC, but no longer utterly bereft.
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