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Auctionlet update

Per earlier discussions here and here, the holiday benefit auctionlet for my Neighbor is gaining steam. The whole idea was kicked off by corvida, who offered to donate a piece for possible auctioning. Her work can be viewed at michaelaeaves.com.

So far, here's what's been put up for the auctionlet.

kristine_smith has donated a Tuckerization in an upcoming novel or short story
dinogrl has donated holiday-themed jewelry
scarlettina has donated a hand-made necklace
rosefox has donated hand-made jewelry
deedop and Chef Chopper have donated sponsorshop of a killer triple chocolate mousse cake to be given to the Neighbor for a holiday dessert
saycestsay has donated an official Jay Lake tie-dyed socks (yes, she is one of my suppliers)
kadath has donated an official Mainspring scarf, the only licensed piece of merchandise associated with that book
ramblin_phyl has donated tatted bookmarks
mizkit has donated a print of one of her kitsnaps photos (in addition to doing yeoperson's work on her own blog in connexion with all this)
jeliza has donated one of her LE prints
ramurphy has donated an embroidered tea towel featuring a Celtic knot
Mother of the Child has donated one of her needlefelted dolls
the_child has donated an original artwork in crayon and pencil
jaylake has donated a set of 8x10 prints of the doll's head photos

There will eventually be a gallery of all these wonderful items, but as corvida was thoughtful enough to kick this off, I'll start by featuring her contribution.

Lucky Number 7 (c) 2006 Michaela Eaves

"Lucky Number 7" is 3.5" x 3.5" encaustic on poplar. Encaustic combines wax, mixed media, and pigments. This particular painting includes acrylic and oil paint, stamps, and a rubber tree leaf skeleton. The luminescence of the work doesn't really translate well to the screen, but there is a warm glow that seems to emanate from it. It's ready to hang on the wall or tree and doesn't need framing.

It was originally made a set of holiday ornaments, but is suitable for hanging all year 'round in that small perfect spot that you haven't yet found anything cool for. Since this was made to help out a deserving family, the concept for the piece is meant to evoke fortune and good karma to all involved.


Keep the auctionlet in mind for your holiday gifting needs. All proceeds will go to a Christmas gift fund for the Neighbor to use for herself and her grandchildren.
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