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Various items which did not make it into eBay for various reasons

The benefit auctionlet for the Neighbor is cooking along nicely, thank you very much.

For sundry reasons there's several items which did not make it into eBay. I'm featuring a gallery under the cut below, with links to separate posts for a bidding thread for each item. We're keeping this on the honor system, so bid over whatever the last bid on the thread is, by timestamp. I'll close these auctions at 6 pm Monday, Pacific time -- the last bid with a timestamp prior to 18:00 PDT will be the winning bid. Any additional items which turn up in the next day or so will be added to this grouping.

Donated by mizkit A photo print from Ireland entitled "Celtic Cross, St. Michaels".

Celtic Cross, St. Michael (c) 2006 C.E. Murphy

This photo is a Celtic cross on a frosty winter morning, taken at a graveyard in Athy, Ireland. Item ships unframed from Ireland and delivery may be delayed by international postal conditions.

Opening bid: $15.00, please bid here.

Donated by ramurphy Hand-embroidered Celtic knot tea towel straight from Ireland.

Hand-embroidered Tea Towel by R. Murphy

Hand-embroidered Celtic knot tea towel straight from Ireland. 100% cotton, pre-washed. Also suitable for use as a guest hand-towel. Ships from Ireland, delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

Opening bid: $15.00, please bid here.

Donated by the_child Original artwork in crayon.

Woman on Horse (c) 2006 The Child

Woman on horse, original artwork by the_child, daughter of jaylake.

Opening bid: $15.00, please bid here.

Donated by mme_publisher Needle pointed tree ornaments.

These needlepoint tree ornaments were stitched by Deborah Layne (aka Mme. Publisher of Wheatland Press fame) the weekend of November 10-12, 2006 while she was on vacation in Rockaway Beach with her family.

In this photo, the ornaments (a Jack in the Box and a Toy Soldier) are shown prior to being cut out and finished. In their final state, they will have a few more little flourishes and gold thread loops and gold foil backing. Photographed in front of a Boeing 747* for scale.

When Mme. Publisher isn't busy editing and publishing and writing, her favorite thing to do is watch football and do needlepoint. Games watched during this needlepoint session were: University of South Carolina Gamecocks versus University of Florida Gators (Gators by two) and University of Alabama Crimson Tide versus Louisiana State University Tigers (LSU by a lot).

Opening bid: $15.00, please bid here.

Donated by the Neighbor's younger granddaughter, Hand-written original poem by the granddaughter of the Neighbor, one of the recipients of this auction's benefits.


Opening bid: $25.00, please bid here.

Donated by Tobias Buckell Two signed copies of Crystal Rain, each made out with any special inscription also desired and mailed to desired recipient, gift wrapped if desired as a Christmas present for someone.

Crystal Rain (c) 2006 Tobias Buckell

Tobias says, "Crystal Rain is my first novel, Caribbean steampunk adventure that came out from Tor earlier this year (details at www.crystal-rain.com)."

Opening bid: $20.00, final two bidders will each win one copy, please bid here.

Donated by jaylake Pre production dust cover of Mainspring hard back with hand-written story on blank reverse.


Opening bid: $15.00, please bid here.
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