Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Year end summation

This year in my writing related program activities (ie, excluding day job output, which is substantial) I have written about:

490,000 words of first draft novel
260,000 words of LiveJournal entries
64,000 words of nonfiction, reviews, articles, etc.
36,000 words of first draft short fiction

That's 850,000 words of new material in 2007. I have no idea how to account for revisions, and email is irrelvant.

I think I'll just look at that number for a little while and quietly boggle. If they ever find a cure for hypergraphia, don't tell me about it. (And yes, I do procrastinate, dreadfully sometimes. I just procrastinate faster than most people.)

Also in the name of summation, the first LJ sentence of each month meme.

January: Don't forget the Malapropism Monday voting poll.

February: agamisu asks a sensitive question.

March: Went to dinner with garyomaha and M last night at Guaca Maya, a rather excellent Mexican restaurant in south Omaha.

April: My big publishing secret of late has been announced on Locus Online.

May: I am Officially Baffled™.

June: Car that runs on HHO.

July: Yesterday's progress: 540 miles, from Kennewick, WA to Great Falls, MT (left 7 am, arrived 8:30 pm).

August: Wednesday, 8/23 [ It was the beginning of my LAcon schedule ]

September: Taking the_child to the beach this afternoon.

October: garyomaha gripes about the homogenization of USAnian culture, concluding with the statement that "written literature may be one of the last bastions of true individuality."

November: :: stretchs ::

December: The score so far this morning -- four hours' sleep, and when I woke up I got toothpaste on the inside of my last pair of clean underwear and caught my sweater in the doorframe.

I shall essay to be more entertaining on the first of each month this coming year.
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