Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

SF for the 21st century

A Canticle for Lebowski -- Jeff Bridges as an immortal Dude wanders post-apocalyptic America searching for an intact bowling alley.

Your suggestion?

ETA 2/1/07: Voting poll for the contest is here. Be sure to vote for your favorite. (Due to LJ restrictions, you must have an LJ handle to vote.)

ETA 2/1/07: This comment thread will remain open indefinitely for your reading and posting enjoyment, but eligibility for the voting poll and prize giveaway is now over.

ETA: The morning of 2/1/07 I'm going to pull these comments into a voting poll here on LiveJournal. We'll have a vote through the weekend. The winner will receive the coveted Greetings From Lake Wu limited edition from Traife Buffet Haute Biblio. The runner up will receive a copy of Mainspring Amazon ] from Tor Books (as soon as I have one to send).

Technical blather: Entries must be related to fantasy and science fiction. Qualifications to be determined solely by me. Judging is by community poll here. Entrants without a LiveJournal handle must enter their name and email addy to qualify for the prize ($150 retail value). I reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason at my discretion. I will also post only one entry per person, so if you enter more than once, I'll pick my favorite of yours. As usual, ties to be settled by

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