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Legal Connections

Those of you who are travel geeks might recognize the phrase "legal connection." It doesn't have anything to do with statute, but rather with airline rules governing the minimum time between the scheduled arrival of an originating flight and the scheduled departure of a connecting flight. That's usually about 40 minutes at the least.

I had a 50 minute connection in San Diego today, going from an American flight from Dallas to an Alaska code-share to Portland. The two airlines operate out of different terminals, and there is no way to go from one terminal to the other without exiting security, then re-entering security. In fact, there's no way to go between terminals at all except to walk outside and wander down the sidewalk a while.

This did not please me. It's also a serious violation of the concept of a legal connection. Note to self: no more American-Alaska connections through San Diego. Ever.

At least I'm home today. Albeit, I came in late yesterday, and without my luggage, which has still not appeared this morning.

Had a good time in Dallas with mom and dad. We went out to eat a couple of times, went downtown to look at a new art installation, and yakked about foreign policy, management reform and politics in general. Par for the course in my family. We all agreed that none of us knew who'd played in the Superbowl, and we weren't even sure who'd won. Also par for the course.

I did mean to mention a bit more about the University of Nebraska at Omaha game I attended last Thursday. It's an NCAA Division II school, which means the whole game experience is a little more relaxed. I'd never attended a basketball game before in my life, but had some notional grasp of the basics, and was with a group of fans who explained things to me. We have a new hire at the day job who recently received his degree, and is finishing out his team season. The night I was there he broke the school record for three point shots in a career, and he also broke 1,000 points total scoring. While I don't have much to say about baxketball one way or the other, I certainly respect achievement, and this gentleman had a very good night indeed. It was an interesting cultural experience, to say the least.

Back on Stemwinder this week. Home stretch, still waiting for some of the readers to get me stuff, but it's closing fast. Also more later here on LJ, on economic inequality, and on SF, but I'm not caught up. Also, I'm off to RadCon this Thursday, so my responsiveness to email and to bloggy goodness will be spotty at best.
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