Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

RadCon Day 0

Not much to report, really. After a nappish time, I went out and had dinner with mme_publisher and N. She gave me a few copies of The River Knows Its Own, which is being pre-released here. (That's my new collection from Wheatland Press.) Dropped in on some set-up stuff. Got my ribbons I'll be handing out, specifically:

Red: Who the hell is Jay Lake?
Yellow: Butter Boy
Purple: Jam Girl

The latter two are in reference to me being the Master of Toast. Or possibly Stoats. The RadCon minions are supposed to be fetching me a large quantity of melba toast tomorrow in their store runs. I shall be a crusty bastard!

Rounded off the evening with a long chat with Dean Wesley Smith, which ramblin_phy eventually joined, then a few other folks, til they kicked us out of the coffee shop.

Off to a high school visit first thing tomorrow, then back for the Con itself.
Tags: conventions, personal
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