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If you don't start rumors about yourself, no one will talk about you

A bit more self-promotion wank. Coz it's my blog and I can, that's why?

I'll note that I'm on the Locus poll preliminary ballot in four places. If you like my work, consider voting for me there. That's open voting, with no registration, membership or special qualifications required.

Preliminary Hugo ballots are due shortly, and the WFA ballot just hit the streets, though it's not due for a while yet. Both of those require registration in any of several forms.

I've seen my name pop up on some of the recommended lists, and at hugo_recommend. In addition to my fiction, I've been recommended for Best Editor, Short Form for my work with Deborah Layne on Polyphony, and Best Fan Writer for my work on this blog.

If you're considering Hugo or WFA noms, and you like my work, for your information here are some of my favorite publications of my own this past year.

"The American Dead", 3,800 words, Interzone #203, April, 2006 (with two Year's Best pickups)
"Schwarze Madonna and The Sandalwood Knight", with Ruth Nestvold, 9,000 words, Realms of Fantasy, June, 2006
Trial of Flowers, Night Shade Books, September, 2006
"Lehr, Rex", 7,900 words, Forbidden Planets, ed. Peter Crowther, DAW, November, 2006

Also, Ruth Nestvold and I have an SF novelette, "The Big Ice", forthcoming in the next Dozois YBSF, which originally ran in the December, 2006 issue of Baen's Universe.

On the editorial side, Polyphony 6, of course, with Deborah Layne. She and I kind of come as a package on that one.

I think that's my entire supply of shamelessness today. (Or at least in this moment.)
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