Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

After the snowfall

Omaha had a terrible blizzard last week. The roads are perfectly clear today, and the weather only mildly subfreezing, but there is a godawful lot of snow sitting around. As a result there is snowmelt and standing water everywhere, which will doubtless be ice on my morning commute tomorrow. There are also scores of new potholes, which will doubtless provide amazing texture to said ice tomorrow.

On the plus side, the Herz random upgrade program has me in Jeep Liberty. Well, sort of plus. I tend to drive rental cars like they were go karts. Except I don't trust this thing to accelerate, brake or corner properly, which mostly leaves me in the parking lot making "vroom vroom" noises and pretending to steer until someone puts a quarter in the slot to start the pony.

The hotel also upgraded me, and I have a king half-suite with a jacuzzi in which to indulge my lonely splendor. Ah, the romance of travel.

Also, much cheese was wrought tonight. Consumption tomorrow night.
Tags: cheese, omaha, travel

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