Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake


Home from the office, for a certain value of "home". I was freakishly productive today. A huge thanks to everyone who replied on the SMS request...we ran the Australia test this afternoon, and we'll be running the Europe test tomorrow. So far so good. I also wrote three press releases, the documentation for a patent application (which might wind up with my name attached to it as a co-inventor, if I'm very lucky), a fact sheet on SMS in Direct Response, and did a whole bunch of other stuff.

Tired now. Weird, huh?

Also, for anyone reading this in Omaha, the CompUSA on Dodge and 76th (or so) is having a going out of business sale, as I believe are a number of other CompUSAs around the country. Some good swag at prices which are dropping daily.

Need to finish my Potlatch workshop reading tonight, and put some more time in on Madness. I'll be back later with additional wit and erudition, hopefully.
Tags: madness, omaha, personal

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