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House and barns and worms, oh my

From Monowi to eternity, or at least Gibbon

This follows on my previous post about roadtripping in Nebraska.

From Monowi, we headed south across the state toward Gibbon, following this route.

Route from Monowi to Gibbon

This drive alternated between beautiful and boring. More Midwest coolness, of course.

Telegraph pole

(For a certain value of "cool", at any rate.)

We saw some interesting old houses and abandoned stuff.

This shack was actually in Monowi, after we left the library:

Tin shack

Also where we saw this old plow:

Antique plow

Somewhere along the way we saw this:

Inexplicable dome

After which we stopped for lunch and a brain scrub.

Later, we pulled over for a fascinating abandoned farmstead.

Old house

Old house

Old barn

Old barn

Note my friend Michael standing in the yard...

And of course, there was wormsign.

Wormsign, really...

This eventually brought us to the thriving metropolis of Gibbon, Nebraska.

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